Game Servers

Garry's Mod Logo

Garry's Mod

Open the Legacy Browser and add "" to your favorites list. The server password is "daboisgmod".

It would also be in your best interest to subscribe to Da Bois PropHunt Collection & Da Bois TTT Collection

ARK: Survival Evolved Logo

ARK: Survival Evolved

Select "Unofficial Servers" & "Password Protected" then search for "daboisARKworld".

Space Engineers Logo

Space Engineers

You need to be in Da Bois Space Engineers group on Steam to see the server. Once you join that, you should see "DaboisWorld" in the top of the world browser.

Rust Logo


To join Dabois Rust server, load up Rust then open the Developer Console by pressing "F1". Then paste "clinet.connect" into the console and press enter.

A link to the map can be found here.

Skyfactory 3 Logo

Skyfactory 3

Server IP address is "".

Infinity Evolved Logo

Infinity Evolved

Server IP address is "".

Minecraft Logo


Server IP address is "".